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Construction of the dugout Garden Secret 4you®. What do you need to remember when deciding on a garden cellar?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Author: NAWI Design

Piewniczki Budowa ziemianki Garden Secret 4you. Bau eines Garden Secret 4you Erdkellers

How look the construction of dugout the Garden Secret 4you®? What to look for when choosing the right model of garden cellar and how to calculate the investment costs? We explain!

A garden cellar is a great solution to have „free” part of the tchem4to4e intended for storage and provide preserves and crops from your own garden with appropriate storage conditions, prolonging their freshness. Building a dugout tchem4t a way to increase the value of your property.

In this article, we will tell you what to look for when choosing the right dugout design, at what cost you need to prepare and whether the construction of the Garden Secret 4you® cellar will require obtaining the appropriate permit. We invite you to read. Find out what to do to use 100% the potential of your garden!

How to choose a model that will meet your needs?

Garden Secret 4you® is a series of innovative garden cellars, whose modules can be freely combined, creating a structure that meets your individual expectations. So what do you need to keep in mind when analyzing individual dugout projects?

First: explore the possibilities of your garden. In the context of the construction of a cellar – dugout on the plot, not only the size of the plot is crucial, but also the level of groundwater, because the basement in its entirety must be dug underground. If the water level oscillates within 0.5 meters below the ground, it will not be possible to dig in the cellar. In this case, the solution is drainage and drainage of the site.

In a situation where the cellar is to be installed in the embankment ground, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the earth from tchem4 and debris and pour out gravel tchem4. Pay attention to the fact that when you buy a Garden Secret 4you® garden cellar, you get all the necessary instructions from us.

Secondly: determine your needs. Do you only care about a convenient place to store food? Or maybe the construction of an earth cellar is to guarantee you and your family a multifunctional space for storage and relaxation? Whatever your expectations, the Garden Secret 4you® series meets tchem. Why?

The BASIC model is ideal if you are wondering how to make a cellar (dugout) in which you can freely store food products, preserves and vegetables and fruits. The STANDARD version can consist only of a storage module or combine STORE SPACE with WINE SPACE, providing ergonomic shelves for storing liquors, which solves the problem of where to store wine. 

PREMIUM is a bull’s-eye for all those who require much more from the garden cellar. Depending on the selected modules, in the PREMIUM model you can take care not only of the storage space, but also a module for children and a relaxation room, equipped with a TV, bed and fireplace, which will serve you as a „cave” for meetings with friends (you have your favorite wines at hand!) or a home office.

Third: set the budget you have. Remember that when analyzing the cost of building a dugout, you must bear in mind not only the purchase price of the Garden Secret 4you® cellar, but also the expenses related to renting a crane, transport and installation of the structure. 

How to build a dugout Garden Secret 4you®?

If you are wondering how to build a dugout to be able to enjoy a functional space as soon as possible, Garden Secret 4you® is the answer for you. Ready cellar in 2 days? It’s possible! You get from us a complete product that requires only proper installation. Thanks to this, the construction of an underground cellar is simple and fast. You must take care of: 

  • the trench in which the cellar will be placed (the size of the trench depends on the selected dugout),
  • making a tchem5to bottom slab,
  • lining of styrodur on the plate.

In other words, we bring you a ready-made garden cellar (there tchem option of personal collection), and you take care of unloading and assembling the dugout according to our instructions. Simple, right? On the other hand, you have the pantry equipment from your head – the cellars are equipped with LED lighting and moisture-resistant shelves made of plywood, with a lifting capacity of 60 to 120 kg (depending on which model you choose). 

By choosing our cellars, unlike a tchem5to cellar, you will not have to wait for time-consuming and tiring construction.

How work the ventilation of the dugout?

The ventilation of the dugout Garden Secret4you® has been thought out in a way that ensures optimal conditions for using the structure. The dugout is equipped with mechanical and gravitational ventilation. Ventilation pipes should be led vertically upwards and for a better visual effect covered with decorative canopies. In general, our projects are a combination of functionality and aesthetics, because we make sure that garden cellars are not only easy to install, but above all – they are to blend into your garden. 

Construction of a dugout and a permit. Do you need to get them?

If you are wondering how to build a dugout, it is very possible that you want to know if you will need the appropriate permit for this purpose. Garden Secret 4you® requires notification to the administrative department appropriate for your place of residence. However, pay attention to the fact that when submitting the necessary documents, you should indicate that the cellar is not permanently attached to the ground. To sum up, thanks to Garden Secret 4you® is possible to build a dugout without a permit, if we treat it as an object of small architecture.

How much does it cost to build a dugout?

The question how much does it cost to build a dugout keeps you awake at night? We hurry up to answer! In practice, the cost of a dugout depends on several basic issues. What exactly? 

Size and equipment of the garden cellar. As we mentioned earlier, the construction of Garden Secret 4you® earth cellars requires to choose the right model that will be able to meet your expectations. We perfect know the fact that our customers have different financial possibilities, that is why the NAWI Design offers you a several models of cellars, differing in size and equipment, and also in price. You decide which model is within the your budget.

Transport. The cost of transport carried out by our company depends on the selected size of your cellar and the location to which we are to deliver it. 

Installation. Crane rental and remuneration for a construction company that will perform the installation of the cellar. In some cases, the assembly can be done by yourself, but you need specialized equipment and the necessary knowledge.

How much it costs to build a dugout is a very individual matter, so before making the final decision, determine what is your maximum budget for this investment.

Do not forget that when you buy a cellar Garden Secret 4you®, you get a fully equipped product, but when deciding to build a concrete, wood or brick dugout, you must bear in mind not only the costs of designing and constructing the structure, but also the subsequent equipment of individual rooms. Request? Garden Secret 4you® allows you to carefully plan your expenses. There is no place for unforeseen costs here!

With NAWI Design, you do not have to wonder how to make a dugout without permission! Together with our finished products, you will quickly make your dream come true of your own cellar. Do not be afraid, the assembly is very simple, and you will be able to count on our expert support at every step.