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What is a prefabricated cellar and is it worth deciding to buy it?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Author: NAWI Design

Piewniczki o to jest piwnica prefabrykowana i czy warto decydować się na jej zakup Was ist ein Fertigkeller und lohnt es sich einen solchen zu kaufen

What is a prefabricated cellar? What are the main advantages and is it an investment that meets your needs? We explain!

A non-basement house in the long run does not always turn out to be functional enough, especially if over time you need more storage space. Fortunately, today you have many interesting solutions at your disposal, thanks to which you will take care of expanding your living space. An interesting solution may be a prefabricated cellar. In this article we will tell you what it is and explain whether a prefabricated cellar is an option just for you. 

What is a prefabricated cellar?

Prefabricated cellars are cellars that are assembled from ready-made elements at the place of assembly. Most often these are prefabricated concrete cellars of various sizes, mounted in a selected part of the garden or plot, which act as a pantry or utility room. When deciding on a prefabricated garden cellar, you should check whether the structure is sufficiently tight and properly insulated. Today, however, we will focus on prefabricated garden cellars, ideal for investors who are not satisfied with a home basement or whose house has not had a basement at the construction stage and are therefore looking for alternative solutions.

Prefabricated garden cellar made of concrete: advantages

Prefabricated garden cellars are, to use a pictorial comparison, a “puzzle” assembled on a construction site. This means that in this case, the construction of a dugout or cellar is based on the so-called semi-finished products. What are the advantages of this type of construction?

Transport. The prefabricated garden cellar comes to you in “pieces”, thanks to which its transport can be easier than in the case of already finished dugouts, whose possible non-standard sizes can be troublesome during transport.

Installation. Instalation of a prefabricated earth or ground cellar means the need to connect individual elements with each other. The basement is not built from scratch, so you as an investor save time and can enjoy the end result faster. A prefabricated garden cellar is ultimately also less work to control.

Fast production. Thanks to the fact that prefabricated cellars consist of the same elements, their production is much simpler – its cyclicality is of key importance in this case. For you, as a customer, this can translate into shorter waiting times for the delivery of prefabricated elements and installation of the basement.

What to look for when choosing a prefabricated cellar?

Are you thinking about ordering a precast concrete earthen cellar? You need to keep a few basic points in mind. What questions should you ask the company that will provide you with the cellar?

  • How is the issue of ventilation resolved?
  • How are basement elements connected?
  • Where are the basement doors placed and what are they made of?
  • Does the cellar have the necessary approvals?
  • What is the tightness of the structure?
  • Who performs the assembly work and prepares the possible excavation?
  • Is it necessary to rent a crane on the customer’s side to unload prefabricated elements?
  • Does the cellar require additional isolation?

Remember that a prefabricated basement is a purchase for years, so a reasonable choice of supplier is crucial. Also consider whether you care about the ground structure or partially or completely dug into the ground. 

Prefabricated concrete basement or laminate dugout?

Concrete cellars are one of the most popular solutions: they are durable, they hold the temperature well, thanks to which they provide optimal conditions for storing food and can be used as a storage room. There are many companies on the market which, in addition to building a cellar, also offer the possibility of taking care of the proper arrangement of its interior. So the question arises: what to choose – concrete or laminate? It depends on your preferences, but pay attention to two basic issues.

First of all: when you buy a cellar from the Garden Secret 4you® series, you get a complete product. You do not have to worry about interior furnishings – we do it for you by installing durable, moisture- and dirt-resistant plywood shelves, which are not only functional, but also give a very visually attractive effect. Minimalist, but at the same time impressive. LED lighting, mechanical and gravity ventilation and stairs or ladder (depending on the model) are installed in the cellars.

Secondly: NAWI Design is more than just garden cellars. Using our offer, you can only opt to a model of dugout intended for storage, but we are well aware of the fact that our customers have different needs and expectations, which is why we also offer modules equipped with shelves for storing wine, modules created for children, ideal for playing and learning, and social modules equipped with everything you need to rest – a TV, sofa beds that can act as a bed and a fireplace. Thanks to NAWI Design, the garden dugout has gained a completely new definition.

What distinguishes us from ordinary cellars is the fact that the social modules are heated, so you can use them comfortably all year round. Garden Secret 4you® is a combination of storage space and relaxation. The social module can be successfully used as a meeting place with friends, where you will not disturb the household members or a home office, which in the conditions of the growing popularity of remote work is gaining in importance. Garden cellars from NAWI Design will work well if you have a small house and you need additional space or you want to separate a space that will guarantee your privacy. Note: in the future, our offer will be supplemented with a module with sauna and shower. 

What does the price of a precast concrete cellar depend on?

Wondering what is the cost of a precast concrete basement? The price range is very wide, because much depends on the size and shape of the structure, but in practice the price of a prefabricated, concrete garden cellar starts from approx. 3500 – 4000 PLN.

However, when analyzing price offers, pay attention to the costs include transport, possible rental of a crane (if necessary), unloading, soil and trench preparation and performing all necessary assembly works. If not, when comparing proposals, check a company performs the listed works and what their cost will be.