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Why is a garden dugout an idea just for you? Check out what you need to keep in mind if you think about investing in a cellar!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Author: NAWI Design

Piewniczki Dlaczego ziemianka ogrodowa to pomysl wlaśnie dla Ciebie Warum ist ein Erdkeller die richtige Idee für Sie

What makes a garden cellar and dugout an excellent investment in your comfort? Why can a garden cellar be really helpful and increase the value of the property? We suggest what you should know about it! 

At the stage of building a house, you do not always have the means to choose a project with a basement. It often happens that you notice the need to have a basement only after a while, along with the growing number of things for which you need to find a place. What then? How to catch up quickly? In this case, a basement or garden dugout may be a hit, which is ideal as an additional storage space. In this article we will try to explain what a dugout is, from what materials it can be built and for what expenses in this regard you need to prepare.

Dugout – what is it?

A dugout in a garden is not an invention of modernity. On the contrary, in the times „before fridges”  it was difficult to find a rural farm that could do without it. A dugout is a garden cellar, partially or entirely located underground, thanks to which it guarantees a constant temperature (about 4 – 8 degrees Celsius), conducive to storing vegetables and fruits from the backyard garden. However, this is not the end! The dugout allows safe storage of preserves: jams, preserves, silage and is an excellent answer to the question of where to store wine.

In other words, it is safe to say that a dugout is a garden cellar that can act as a refrigerator that does not need electricity. Its main advantages? You will extend the freshness of food products, you will not have to look for a place for stocks at home and reduce the amount of food wasted, and thus – you will save. 

What materials can a modern garden dugout be made of?

Today, when we are increasingly returning to the roots and willingly growing our own fruits and vegetables, having a modern dugout becomes a willingly chosen solution, solving the problem of the lack of a home cellar or the inability to maintain the optimal temperature in it. Garden dugouts can be made of various materials – it depends primarily on your needs, financial capabilities and aesthetic preferences.

Concrete dugouts are very popular. The key in this case is the fact that the concrete dugout can be in the form of a ready-made, prefabricated structure, which only needs to be embedded in a trench. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that a ready-made concrete garden dugout (cellar) may require the formation of a mound, so it is more difficult for it to blend into the garden and it will be necessary to take care of the appropriate aesthetic arrangement. Additional insulation is also necessary.

An alternative to concrete are modern wooden dugouts, which are an interesting solution for lovers of rustic style, and garden cellars made of brick or stone, which visually refer to the retro style. When choosing similar solutions, however, you need to have the right design and prepare even for a few weeks of construction. 

Then there is also a question: how to arrange a pantry to make the most of its space, so you should also think about the appropriate interior arrangement of the basement, although many companies also offer finishing of individual basement rooms.

Ready-made garden dugouts: the advantages

Building a dugout from scratch is a time-consuming undertaking. You, as an investor, must rent a qualified team, find a project that suits you, and then take care of the proper development of the cellar. That is why ready-made garden dugouts (cellars) are a great simplification and, above all, time saving. 

You don’t need a basement design. A ready-made dugout, for example, plastic, will not require you to choose a project or have it prepared from scratch, which means that you can eliminate the costs associated with it and you do not have to spend time looking for the right design studio.

It is easier to predict the time needed to complete the investment. A prefabricated dugout requires a proper analysis of the possibilities of your lot, preparation of the excavation, etc., but you do not have to commission all construction works from scratch, so that, based on the requirements of the company supplying the selected basement model, you can quickly determine how long the assembly will take and it is easier to plan the entire project. If you have little free time or you just want to enjoy the effects as soon as possible, a prefabricated cellar is a solution that you definitely have to take into account.

You calculate your budget more precisely. Ready-made garden cellars (dugouts) allow you to calculate the investment costs more accurately. In their case, the risk of additional expenses is reduced to a minimum, which is crucial for investors with limited financial resources, who therefore have to control the budget of the project.

You will spend less time controlling the progress of work. A ready-made dugout is a garden cellar that requires proper preparation of the site and proper installation, but at the same time it is a way to reduce the scope of work, so does not require you to time-consuming control of their progress.

Modern dugout NAWI Design – Garden Secret 4you®

Dugout material, which is a laminate from NAWI Design, is an ideal solution for all people who are looking for a finished product. Why?

  • The garden cellar is ready for use immediately after it is buried, so you can quickly realize the dream of your own functional dugout.
  • Garden Secret 4you® is a line of cellars guaranteeing 100% tightness, insulated with PUR foam.
  • Installation of a ready-made garden cellar is simple, does not destroy the garden and does not require the formation of a mound. The door to the dugout discreetly blends into the surroundings.
  • The cellar is fully equipped (moisture-resistant shelves, ventilation, LED lighting), so you do not have to worry about the arrangement of interior. The combination of laminate and plywood gives a natural, pleasing to the eye visual effect and is easy to keep clean.

If you decide on a NAWI Design garden dugout, all you have to do is analyze the possibilities of your garden, choose the right place, dig a trench, bottom concrete slab lined with styrodur and install the selected model of the cellar.

One more thing: pay attention to the fact that NAWI Design debunks the myth that the dugout is to be used only for storage. On the contrary! Our cellars, in addition to the storage module, also offer a place to store wine, a module for children and a social space with a bed, a fireplace and a TV. The social modules are heated so you can use them all year round.

What does this mean for you? An additional place to relax, where you will take shelter from the outside world, while guaranteeing maximum privacy. It does not matter if you need primarily a dugout for a wine or a relaxation space, combining functionality with aesthetics, we respond to your needs.

Garden dugouts: prices

It is very possible that right now you are wondering how much a dugout actually costs? It is difficult to give specific price ranges in this case, because much depends on what materials the structures were made of, any additional soil preparations were needed, what is the size of the cellar, etc.

Using the NAWI Desing offer, you can more easily calculate the prices of garden dugouts. Why? In our garden secret 4you® offer you will find three models of garden cellars: BASIC, STANDARD and PREMIUM, which differ in size and price. You decide which option suits your expectations and financial capabilities. You can combine the modules of the cellars with each other, creating a structure tailored to the individual needs and budget at your disposal.

The costs you will incur besides the purchase of a dugout:

  • transport,
  • crane rental,
  • excavation and bottom slab lined with styrodur,
  • implementation of installation works.

You receive all the necessary documents for the installation of the cellar from us, as well as help at every stage of installation. Thanks to the fact that you buy a ready-made, fully equipped cellar, you will quickly calculate what costs you ultimately need to prepare for.