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How to make a door for a garden cellar and why is it worth taking care of their quality?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Author: NAWI Design

Piewniczki Jak zrobić drzwi do piwniczki ogrodowej i dlaczego warto zadbać o ich jakość Wie baut man eine Gartenkellertür und warum sollte man sich dafür interessieren

You have no idea how to make a door to a garden cellar? Are you wondering what you need to pay attention to in order to choose the best possible model? We tell you!

A garden cellar is an excellent alternative to traditional cellars. Placed in the right place, it will guarantee you additional storage space, freeing up part of the home space. In the insulated dugout, the air temperature is constant and oscillates between 4 – 8 degrees Celsius, so you can safely store fruits and vegetables, especially root and preserves, for a long time. 

However, pay attention to the fact that the right door to the garden cellar is crucial for the functionality of your dugout. We will explain to you what you need to pay attention to in order to make the best choice. Learn how to make basement doors safe and practical enough. 

Doors to the garden cellar: why are they so important?

Doors to the wine cellar, crops from the garden or preserves affect the ability to maintain a constant temperature inside the dugout, on which the conditions conducive to prolonging the freshness of food products depend. Of course, the earthling uses the natural properties of the earth in the context of cooling, insulation and air humidity, but on condition that the entrance to the garden cellar will be properly secured. 

In other words, cellar doors are crucial to guarantee the right conditions in the individual rooms of the dugout. Unproperly insulated, leaky doors will not protect the inside of the cellar from outside air, which is likely to have a negative impact on the quality of stored food.

Doors to the earth cellar – what features should have?

No matter what door you choose to the cellar: wooden, steel or stone, pay attention to the fact that the entrance to the dugout, if possible, should be located on the north side. Why? It’s simple – thanks to the northern orientation, the basement will not heat up as much as if it was placed on the south side.

Doors to the garden dugout should meet several basic requirements. What?

First of all: they must be made of solid materials, protecting against solar radiation and high temperatures. Laminate is  very well. Laminate is light and resistant to damage, but at the same time it effectively protects against external conditions. Laminate doors are equipped with garden cellars from the Garden Secret 4you® series from NAWI Design – many years of experience in processing this material, gained in the pool industry, allows us to guarantee high quality products. 

Secondly: the door must guarantee tightness. You already know that the tightness of the door largely depends on the possibility of maintaining a special microclimate of the basement. Therefore, it is best if the door will be equipped with an additional gasket. The doors of the Garden Secret 4you® cellars are two-layered, and inside there is also a thick layer of insulating foam.

Thirdly: the door should be equipped with a high-quality hinge system. This is important not only because of their tightness, but also in the context of easy opening. If the door is very heavy or its hinges prevent you from opening the cellar comfortably, in the long run using it will be tiring for you, and that’s not the point! 

Thanks to the functional hinge system, you do not have to bother opening the door, which limits the entry of warm air masses, because you are able to open and close the cellar much faster.

Doors to the wine cellar and preserves – aesthetic issues

Doors are important for maintaining proper conditions inside the garden cellar, but that’s not all! Remember that the cellar is to be a decoration of your garden, so regardless of whether you only need a completely underground wine cellar or a prefabricated cellar dug into the ground only partially, the entrance to the dugout must be aesthetic.

What can they be made of? Natural wood is still very popular, which properly treated will be resistant to adverse weather conditions. Wooden doors perfectly blend into gardens of different styles, especially if other architectural elements are also made of wood of the same or similar color. The entrance and the door to the cellar can be covered with clinker, real bricks or natural stone. The most important thing is that the final effect corresponds to the appearance of the garden.

NAWI Desing, knows how important visual issues are for our customers, which is why Garden Secret 4you® cellars are mounted underground, without a visible mound, which allows them to blend into your garden, and if you choose the place well, the hatch will be practically invisible to outside the eyes. Doors to cellars, as we have already mentioned, are made of laminate. The colors of the door are white and gray – classic, timeless, never going out of fashion. What’s more, the doors have a simple, minimalist design, so they will fit into any garden, regardless of character. The hinges are bearing, made of stainless steel, and the ease of opening is provided by functional actuators.

We hope our tips will help you! Remember, even the most modern cellar requires a high-quality entrance door!