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A wine cellar tailored to your needs. How to plan this investment?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Author: NAWI Design

Piewniczki Piwniczka na wino na miarę Twoich potrzeb. Jak zaplanować tę inwestycję Ein Weinkeller der Ihren Bedürfnissen entspricht. Wie ist diese Investition zu planen

Wine cellar is your dream? Are you wondering how to build it to make sure  the bottles with valuable liquors are stored in the right conditions? Use our tips! 

The wine cellar in the garden is not at all reserved only for the most affluent people. On the contrary – choosing a ready-made solution you can pleasantly surprise yourself. If you belong to the group of loyal wine fans and have a fairly large collection of your favorite drinks, it is very possible that you do not have enough space to store it. Besides, do not forget that wines require the right conditions. This can guarantee you a properly designed and installed wine cellar. What do you need to remember if you have plans for such an investment? We explain! 

Wine cellar in the garden? YES!

If your house does not have a basement or you are not able to guarantee the right microclimate in the home cellar, an earthen wine cellar, mounted in the garden, may be a hit. Why? 

First of all: a garden cellar in the form of a dugout uses the natural properties of the earth, guaranteeing a constant temperature, regardless of the season and darkening. The correct way of storing wine is crucial for taste. Are you wondering where to store wine? The solution for you can be a prefabricated cellar or a ready-made cellar from the Secret Garden 4you® series from Nawi Design. Next, we will tell you why it is worth investing in our products.

Secondly: you can use the potential of the garden. A wine cellar at home is not an option because house is too small? Then, use the garden space. Even if the plot is relatively small, it is still possible to build a wine cellar, and you will also have the chance to increase the value of the property. 

Thirdly: in the summer, the wine cellar (dugout) in the garden will allow you to reach for your favorite drinks at any time. When temperatures are favorable, you probably spend a lot of time in the garden. Therefore, thanks to the garden wine cellar, you do not have to go home every time to pour yourself a glass of your favorite alcohol or treat your guests with it. At hand, in the cellar, you can also have chilled snacks.

Wine cellar in the floor: when is it worth  to choosing it?

Are you tempted by a small wine cellar in the floor? No wonder, such a solution may look really impressive, but pay attention to whether in the case of your home, such an option is even possible due to technical conditions. In addition, remember that if the wine cellar is to be located in the floor, it means that the interior design must be adapted to it. Example? You can not put anything on the basement hatch anymore. If you have a small kitchen or living room, it is possible that you will not be able to find enough space for a comfortable hatch to the home wine cellar or you will be faced with the need to change the current way of arranging furniture.

One more thing – building a wine cellar at home is often associated with the need to clean up after assembly work, so think about whether you have the time and desire for it. It is worth noting, however, that building a wine cellar at home is a great convenience: you do not have to go outside to take out a bottle of the necessary drink. The price of a wine cellar in the floor is an individual matter, depending, among other things, on its size, so it is best to ask several companies for a quote for similar services. 

Construction of an underground wine cellar in the garden: how to choose the right place?

Whichever wine cellar design you choose, the first step to bringing you closer to realizing your dream is to choose where the dugout will be dug in. Think about whether you want the cellar to be as close as possible to the front door of the house. Pay attention to the fact that it is best if the door to the dugout is located from the north, so that its interior will not heat up as much as in the case of southern orientation. The wine cellar should be placed in a place where trees do not grow – their roots could damage the structure. Also think about whether you want to supervise the construction of the dugout from the beginning, or do you prefer to option for ready-made wine cellars, which require only the preparation of the trench and proper assembly.

Why Garden Secret 4you® is a hit for wine lovers?

NAWI Design, in order to meet all wine lovers, in the Garden Secret 4you® series offers STORE AND WINE SPACE – a special space created for storing liquors. In the STANDARD model, wine shelves can be combined with a place for storing homemade preserves, vegetables and fruits and other food products, while in the PREMIUM version for STORE AND WINE SPACE you can include, in addition to STORE SPACE, also a module for children and a leisure module, with a bed,TV and fireplace. It is the perfect place to meet with friends – you’ll have your favourite wines on hand.

Why is it worth investing in cellars from the Garden Secret 4you® series?

  • They are 100% tight. It is made of the same material as yachts.
  • They guarantee a constant temperature oscillating between approx. 3 – 11 degrees Celsius. This is a refrigerator that does not require electricity.
  • There is a constant humidity of the air (approx. 60 – 70%).

By investing in Garden Secret 4you® cellars, you can create a space tailored to your needs by combining various functions. NAWI Design products are not typical dugouts. On the contrary! These cellars are tailored to the requirements of modern customers who appreciate multifunctional solutions!

Necessary equipment for the wine cellar

By choosing the NAWI Desing Garden Secret 4you® cellars, you get a fully equipped space. What does that mean? In the STORE AND WINE SPACE module you have at your disposal ergonomic, dirt-resistant and moisture-resistant shelves made of plywood. The combination of laminate and plywood is not only functional and durable, but above all – pleasing to the eye. The space is modern, futuristic and minimalist, thanks to it perfectly fit into current trends and definitely makes an impression, but at the same time it absolutely does not lose coziness.

You do not need any wine rack anymore! On the shelves of the garden cellar, you can segregate your wine collection according to individual needs, more easily maintaining order and taking care of the aesthetic display of bottles. No more clutter! Now you have the chance to set the wines in such a way that at first glance you can choose the right one. In WINE SPACE, the lower row of shelves can be used as a seat – – perfect for tasting moments in the company of friends. In this space you can hold as many as 300 bottles of wine, which means that you do not have to limit yourself in expanding the collection.