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Garden cellar step by step. How to order and install or build the dugout of your dreams?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Author: NAWI Design

Piewniczki Jak zamówić i zamontować lub wybudować ziemiankę Twoich marzeń Wie bestellt und installiert oder baut man den Keller seiner Träume

Are you wondering what the construction of a garden cellar should look step by step? We suggest what you need to remember if you want the whole process to run smoothly.

A dugout is an investment in your comfort. Additional storage means less clutter, and thanks to the fact that the underground garden cellar is able to maintain a constant temperature, you can safely store fruits, vegetables or homemade preserves in it. For you, this means not only a chance to extend the freshness of the crop from the backyard garden, but also a great time saving – you can shop much less often, taking advantage of the benefits of markets. Garden cellars in the past were a common solution, and today they are back in favor again. We will tell you what you need to keep in mind if you are going to buy or build your own dugout. Interesting? Continue!

Ready garden cellars or construction from scratch?

If you dream of a cellar in the garden, you first have to decide on the type of dugout that will suit your expectations. You can choose from:

  • ready-made garden cellars, which only need to be installed in a selected place (e.g. Secret Garden 4you® from NAWI Design),
  • prefabricated dugouts, consisting of elements connected directly on the customer’s plot (most often these are concrete garden cellars),
  • cellars built from scratch, requiring all the work on your plot.

Which option will be the best solution for you? When making the final decision, pay attention to the fact that a prefabricated cellar or dugout in the form of a finished product is primarily a time saver, so it is worth considering their choice if you want to implement the investment as quickly as possible. 

Plastic garden cellar? An ancient garden cellar with a brick arch? Or maybe a concrete garden cellar? Regardless of which material you ultimately choose, check whether the cellars are sufficiently resistant and durable and that they show satisfactory tightness. Pay attention to the way they are insulated and the ventilation solutions used.

What else matters? The size of a dugout! The design of the garden cellar must be adapted to your needs, so think about what area will actually be enough for you. Remember that a cellar is an investment for years, so think about whether in the future your expectations for its size will not change. A small garden cellar over time may turn out to be a big limitation, but do not take a hoe to the sun and do not build a spacious dugout, if you know that the mini garden cellar is definitely satisfactory. A large basement often means higher construction costs.

Dugouts are garden cellars that do not have to be used only to store food products or garden accessories. Garden Secret 4you® is a series of cellars that was created for customers with higher expectations. Using the NAWI Design offer, you can decide to combine storage space with a wine pantry, a children’s module and a social module (heated!), ideal for meetings with friends or a lonely rest. 

Building such a cellar in your garden is a great option if you focus on multifunctionality. 

A prefabricated concrete garden cellar, just like its plastic counterpart or a brick garden cellar, requires you to choose the right place in your garden. This is crucial for the safety of using the structure. What is worth bearing in mind when deciding on a specific location of a dugout? Building such a cellar in your garden is a great option if you focus on multifunctionality. 

Construction of a cellar in the garden: the choice of place

A prefabricated concrete garden cellar, just like its plastic counterpart or a brick garden cellar, requires you to choose the right place in your garden. This is crucial for the safety of using the structure. What is worth bearing in mind when deciding on a specific location of a dugout?

Northern orientation. Thanks to this, the cellar will not heat up, which is important for maintaining a constant, low temperature. Ideally, if you will be able to place the cellar in the shade.

No trees. Their growing roots could unfortunately damage your basement.

Dryness. The ground into which the cellar is to be dug must not be soaked. Before proceeding with any work, it is necessary to check the level of groundwater. 

Plot size. When choosing the right place for a garden dugout, pay attention to whether the location you have selected will fit a cellar of a certain size.

You do not know where your garden dugout (basement) should be placed? Ask the company you use for help if you are buying a ready-made or prefabricated product. Remember that all work should be done in accordance with the documentation prepared by her. 

Garden cellar: will you need a building permit?

Does the garden cellar require a building permit? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not so simple, because the construction of the dugout and cellar has not been precisely regulated in the Construction Law Act of July 7, 1994, so the details of whether you will ultimately need a permit for the planned cellar or dugout and what formalities you need to complete should be asked at the appropriate office.

Garden cellar step by step: the choice of the team

A garden cellar with stairs is a great place to store wine, store accessories needed for work on your plot or store preserves. If you already know whether you want to opt for concrete garden cellars or prefer a different technology, it’s time to choose the right team that will do all the necessary work. You need to pay attention to her experience in the implementation of similar orders, the opinions of other clients, the qualifications of employees and available deadlines, especially if you care about time. Do not forget that the construction of a garden cellar may require you to coordinate the activities of different teams specializing in performing the work necessary at a specific stage of the investment.

Stages of construction of a garden cellar

Building a garden cellar step by step is largely dependent on what technology you have finally decided on. In general, however, the work begins with the excavation to the necessary depth. The trench in the ground must be matched to the size of your cellar and correspondingly larger. The next steps are to make the foundations, walls, ceiling, their proper insulation and preparation of ventilation. It will also be necessary to make a floor, comfortable and safe stairs and install tight doors that will allow you to maintain the right air temperature, as well as finish the interior of the basement, enabling convenient use of the available space.

What does this mean for you? First of all – time. The construction of the cellar can take up to several weeks, when you will not only have to supervise the work, but also look at the construction site in your garden. If you are impatient or just do not want to wait so long, an alternative will be a ready-made garden cellar made of plastic. Using the models available in the Garden Secret 4you® series, you do not have to worry about the construction of the structure, it is enough to make a trench and perform earth and construction works in accordance with the technical documentation that we will provide you. At every stage you can count on our help.

Garden cellars: price

What is the price of plastic, concrete, etc. garden cellar is a matter depending on its size, technology and internal equipment. When analyzing the cost of a garden cellar, you must bear in mind not only the purchase price of the finished or prefabricated product or, in the case of building a basement, the necessary building materials, but also expenses related to earthworks and assembly. A dugout and a cellar is an investment that requires specific financial outlays, so before starting any activities, try to calculate the budget as accurately as possible. It is also crucial whether you carry out work in an economic or commissioned system. 

We have a little advice for you: before you make a final decision about choosing a particular type of dugout, try to accurately calculate the costs of several different solutions that you are potentially considering. But remember – not only those in zlotys count, but also time and emotional costs. Consider whether you have the space and desire to supervise the construction, as well as the subsequent arrangement of the basement. No? NAWI Design is the option for you.

Garden Secret 4you® is a series of cellars equipped with ergonomic shelves, ready to use immediately after digging in. Assembly takes 1 – 2 days, and thanks to the fact that you have several variants of the product at your disposal, you can decide on the one that suits your expectations and financial capabilities.