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The idea of a wine rack. Check how to aesthetically display your collection of alcohols!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Author: NAWI Design

Piewniczki Pomysl na stojak do wina Eine Idee für ein Weinregal

An idea for a wine rack needed right away? We suggest how to make it yourself so that it is functional and aesthetically visually.

Are you a wine fan? Your collection already has quite a large number of bottles and you are just wondering how to store them to take care of the aesthetic presence of alcohols at the same time? The answer is: a wine rack! Wooden or metal – the choice is yours and largely depends on your individual aesthetic preferences. Properly selected wine racks will expose and organize the home wine harvest. Can a designer wine rack be made by yourself? Yes! Check out what you need to keep in mind.

DIY wall wine rack: yes or no?

Regardless of whether the choice fell on a metal wine rack, or a simple, rustic wooden stand for your favorite wine fits much more into the arranged interior, you need to think about where you want to place it. If you plan to make an aesthetic stand for your own wine and hang it on the wall, realistically assess your skills. Such a stand must be made with attention to the smallest details. Only a solid stand can be hung on the wall, which will hold it really well, and its design will be adapted to the amount and severity of the bottles that you are going to store in this way. If you are a beginner in DIY, it is better to replace the wine rack mounted to the wall with a less demanding project. This is important for security reasons.

How to make a wine rack from a pallet?

You have no idea how to make a budget wine rack? Fortunately, if you decide on a DIY (Do It Yoursefl) project, you do not need to have a larger cash reserve. Use pallets! You can buy them on the Internet: the price of a single euro pallet is about 5 – 10 zlotys, but when choosing a product, pay attention to whether it is not damaged in any way. Pallets are the last cry of fashion! Thanks to their multifunctionality, you can make balcony and terrace furniture from them, and even a bed. Do you have a pallet, what’s next? How to make a wooden DIY wine rack?

Step 1. On the back of the pallet, you can notice the characteristic “shelves”, consisting of a foot and a guide. One of them will act as a shelf for your wine. At this stage, you can get rid of the other two by cutting them off from the back of the pallet or cutting off the back at the desired height. When forming the shape of the stand, pay attention to the fact that it is sufficiently stable.

Step 2. To the bottom of the selected “shelf”, that is, between the guide and the foot of the pallet, mount a matching strip. There is an empty space between the foot and the pallet guide, so you need to provide the bottles with adequate support. Make sure that the finished shelf will withstand the weight of full bottles.

Step 3. You’re almost at the finish. Now it’s time to grind your stand. This is important not only because of the appearance of the shelf, but also because of the safety of use – by smoothing the surfaces of the pallet you minimize the risk of splinter penetration.

Step 4. That is, painting! Whether you dream of a black industrial wine rack or much more prefer a white, modern wine rack, made of wood and matching your minimalist interior, you can easily realize your plans. All you have to do is choose the paint in the right color, and the palette of shades is wide enough that regardless of your tastes you will find the one that will be a hit. In the store, ask for paint, which can be painted wooden surfaces. 

A little advice: before you start making a wooden wine rack, prepare the workplace. Protect them from possible dirt and damage. In addition, make sure that you have all the necessary accessories and tools at hand. Believe us, this will save you quite a lot of unnecessary stress when you have to look for sandpaper at a critical moment.

You can use the idea of a wine rack from a pallet in any room, but once again we sensitize you to check whether your product guarantees adequate stability after finishing work. Spilled wine is a big hassle (stains can be difficult to remove!) and a simple waste of money.

How to make a wine rack for the cellar yourself?

Wine cellar needs refreshing? Are you wondering how to store wine to systematize collections? It is possible that you will need an original wine rack. If you don’t want to buy something ready-made and you’re going to make it yourself, start by calculating how many bottles of alcohol it should hold. To begin with, it’s better not to get carried away with a hoe to the sun – it’s better to make a small but stable wine rack that will not exceed your DIY skills. Sometimes it is the simplest solutions that work best.

If you want to make a wine rack for the cellar, you need to stock up on wide pieces of wood that will guarantee you adequate stability. Between these pieces, fix two or three matching shelves. In the shelves should be special recesses that match the shape of the bottles, so that the wine will not move on them. This is the simplest idea for a wine rack, which, however, will work very well in the cellar, where it is primarily about functionality and the possibility of storing more bottles.

You can buy wood for amateur carpentry projects in local warehouses and sawmills, but if you care about the most budget ideas for a wine rack, look for it, it is possible that someone from your friends or family has wood clippings that have been left after renovation or production of custom-made furniture, which he will be happy to get rid of. By making wooden wine racks, you can also confidently use wood from old, unnecessary furniture that would otherwise end up in the trash.

With NAWI Design you won’t need wine racks!

If you don’t know how to store preserves and your precious wine collection, check out why you should invest in Garden Secret 4you®. It is also a great idea for a home pantry. We offer a ready-made, fully equipped product that requires only the performance of appropriate earth and construction works. The NAWI Design garden cellar, which will be equipped with WINE SPACE (option available in the STANDARD and PREMIUM models) will provide wines with the optimum temperaturę (throughout the year, the dugout maintains a temperature of about 4 – 8 degrees Celsius) and will protect them from the adverse effects of sunlight.

WINE SPACE is a space equipped with innovative plywood shelves, resistant to damage and visually aesthetic, so you can perfectly display your wine collection, segregating liquors according to your needs. A large number of shelves means that WINE SPACE is able to accommodate quite a large number of wines, and you do not have to worry about buying or making safe racks.