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Proper storage of your homemade preserves. How and where to store preserves?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Author: NAWI Design

Piewniczki Prawidlowe przechowywanie Twoich domowych przetworów. Richtige Lagerung Ihrer selbstgemachten Konfitüren

You have no idea how proper storage of preserves should look like to keep their taste and health benefits? We suggest how and where to store preserves to guarantee them appropriate conditions.

Homemade preserves are becoming more and more popular. Why? It is simple – if you prepare them yourself, you know what you put in the jar. You can use organic vegetables and fruits from your own garden or source from reliable suppliers, giving up ingredients that do not serve you or flavors if you are not a big fan of this. One more thing: self-made preserves are a great relaxation after a stressful day. At this point, you can ask yourself questions about the correct storage of jars. Where? At what temperature? How long? Especially for you, we have collected some useful tips.

How long can preserves be stored in jars?

Are you wondering how long homemade preserves can be stored? Unfortunately, we do not have good news for you: you must consume preserves enclosed in jars within a maximum of 10 – 12 months. The exception is alcohols. Why? First of all: after this time, you have to know with the fact that the taste of homemade preserves may lose its quality. 

Secondly: processed products stored for too long can simply be dangerous to your health. One more thing: remember to always look at the condition of homemade products after opening the jar. It should not raise any doubts. If you see any signs of spoilage, do not eat these preserves – the contents of the jar must go to the trash.

For safety, stick a sticker on each jar (you can buy ready stickers in the store or prepare them by printing the project on special paper) with the name of the preserve, which will make it easier for you to search the stock later in search of jars with the necessary contents and write the date of production on it, so you will have no doubts about how long the product is already stored in your collection. 

Where store preserves?

You already know how much time you can store preserves in jars, but how to guarantee them the right conditions? Ideally, you should have a cellar in which it will be cool enough. The basic requirement is to maintain a constant temperature. Unfortunately, at the stage of building or buying a house, we do not always have the space and resources to choose a project with a basement, and a home basement can definitely simplify the storage of preserves and vegetables and fruits from the home garden.

A cellar or dugout has one more advantage – it is dark in it. This is very important because your products do not like sunlight. Having your own cellar/dugout is also an excellent answer to the question: where to store wine? Using the Garden Secret 4you® offer, you will not even need a wine rack – just choose a cellar with WINE SPACE, a space created to store your favorite drinks.

Do not you have your own basement? Never mind! Using the NAWI Design – Garden Secret 4you® series of garden cellars you can catch up. Our innovative storage space is equipped with ergonomic, moisture- and dirt-resistant plywood shelves with high lifting capacity, so you will be able to comfortably accommodate your home supplies. We invite you to check the offer! See for yourself that a functional cellar is within your capabilities.

What if you ca  not afford to find a separate basement or dugout? Is a home pantry in the form of a dedicated room or at least a separate kitchen cabinet suitable for storing preserves? At home, the temperature is higher, also due to heating, so in the pantry or kitchen you can store those products that will not need cooler conditions.

What temperature should be stored the preserves?

The optimum temperature for storing preserves largely depends on whether sugar has been added to them, but in general, it is good if the room is about 4 – 8 degrees Celsius and such conditions are provided by Garden Secret 4you® cellars. In addition, their unquestionable advantage is the specific microclimate, suitable for food storage. We hope that our tips have dispelled your doubts. Remember that by investing in a cellar, you not only gain space to store jars of preserves, but also free up space in your home.