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Proper storage of wine. What do you need to know about it?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Author: NAWI Design

Piewniczki Wlaściwe przechowywanie wina. Richtige Lagerung von Wein

We explain what proper wine storage looks like. Find out what to remember so that your wine does not spoil. 

Proper storage of wine is crucial for taste qualities, so it is worth considering whether you are not making cardinal mistakes that are easy to avoid. Therefore, regardless of whether you are its gourmet and you can boast of quite a large amount of quality alcohols or just from time to time you like to reach for a glass of your favorite drink, you need to know how to hold wine so as not to make unnecessary mistakes. 

Are you interest? We invite you to read! In this article we will tell you what conditions are suitable for storing wine: homemade and from professional wineries.

How to store wine? 4 basic rules that you need to follow

Have no idea how to store wine? Relax, in practice, the rules you have to follow are not complicated at all. Just a few simple tricks are enough to make your wine properly “taken care of”.

First, the wine should not be exposed to light. Importantly, this recommendation applies not only to solar radiation, but also to artificial lighting. Therefore, when planning to store wine at home, you should choose a room that guarantees the right level of darkening. Remember that everyday rooms will not be the best solution.

Secondly: storing wine in bottles requires a specific air humidity. The air in the room where you keep your wine collection must not be too dry or too moist, because it has a negative effect on the condition of the bottle stopper, and therefore also on the taste of the wine and its suitability for consumption.

Thirdly, the wine should not be exposed to vibrations. If you are wondering how to store wine in bottles, pay attention to the fact that the drink requires a stable environment, so it is crucial to eliminate any vibration or shaking.

Fourth: the cork of the bottle must be disturbed in the wine. This forces you to take care of the proper arrangement of the bottles, which is why the ergonomics of the shelves and racks you use are important.

Where to store wine? The best for this purpose will be a dedicated wine cellar, with a constant temperature, but if you do not have such a room and therefore you are wondering how best you can store wine at home, choose a dark, cool place that will not be exposed to temperature changes as much as possible. Placing wine bottles in the kitchen or living room is not the best idea, if only because then the liquor will be exposed to constant light, which, as you already know, has a negative impact on the wine. If you are considering investing in a special basement, it can be, for example, a prefabricated basement, which usually consists of ready-made elements on the customer’s plot, reducing the assembly time. 

What temperature should be wine stored?

In addition to the previously mentioned rules, it is the storage temperature of wine that has a key impact on its taste qualities. You already know that it should be constant, but what else? At what specific temperature to keep the wine? It turns out that the answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. Why? In practice, the temperature at which wines should be stored depends largely on whether it is a white, red or pink liquor. If you like only one of these colors, you have an easier task, you can easily choose the wine storage temperature that is most appropriate for him. However, if there are several types of wines in your collection, you need to try to find the golden mean. Most often, experts indicate a range between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius. Do you buy only one specific liquor? For tips on proper storage, ask distributor or the winery where the wine was produced.

How to store home wine correctly?

Are you preparing homemade wine and wondering what you need to remember to ensure safe storage conditions? As in the case of wine prepared by professional wineries, after corking and bottling alcohol, it should be stored in a cool place with a constant temperature, which will not expose the liquors to light: artificial and sunny. On the finished bottles, try to put a label with the date of manufacture – this will make it easier for you to organize your inventory. 

We mentioned above that it is best if the wine is stored in a suitable cellar. Using the offer of NAWI Design Garden Secret 4you®, you can opt for a solution, which is an innovative garden cellar combined with WINE SPACE, a special zone for storing wine. Why?

  • Constant air humidity in the range of 60 – 70%.
  • No vibrations, due to proper insulation and a thick layer of material.
  • Constant temperature (it is good to locate the cellar from the north).
  • A large number of ergonomic, durable shelves with a high lifting capacity, on which you can segregate your collection.

The décor of the Garden Secret 4you® pantry is a marriage of modernity, minimalism and coziness. The shelves of the dugout are made of plywood, thanks to which the whole looks natural and elegant. Garden Secret 4you® is also an excellent answer to the question of how to store preserves, vegetables and fruits. 

Our cellars are designed with you and your needs in mind. If you decide on the PREMIUM model, with WINE SPACE and a heated social module, equipped with sofas (easy to unfold into a comfortable bed), fireplace and TV, you can arrange a discreet meeting with friends without disturbing other household members. In addition, you will have your favorite spirits at hand. Sounds great, right?